Citizens Perceived Politicization and Nepotism as Major Problems for Police


The POINTPULSE network presented on 14 of September in all capital across the region the results of the third annual public opinion survey on citizens’ opinion of the police.

Citizens in the Western Balkans region share similar attitudes towards the police. More than half of Western Balkan citizens have trust in the police. The level of trust is growing slightly every year. Despite this, more than half of the citizens believe the police to be corrupt. Such a state of affairs suggests that citizens may be interpreted with the fact that corruption is omnipresent in the police, and that they have become accustomed to it as an inevitable segment of its work, and is common to all of the surveyed countries.

Politicization and nepotism are seen as major problems for police operational work.

In Montenegro, Institute Alternative recommends that the current recruitment reform in the police, conducted by the Ministry of Interior, should deal with politicization and nepotism and secure a more widespread discussion on organization and promotion of public vacancy announcements as the main way to get recruited by the police.

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