Annual Implementation Report 2016: Contracting Parties put into action Energy Union objectives


The Secretariat’s Annual Implementation Report published today outlines the progress achieved by the Energy Community Contracting Parties in implementing the acquis communautaire under the Energy Community Treaty. The current state of implementation is marked by Albania, Kosovo*, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia and partially Ukraine having transposed the Third Energy Package. Bosnia and Herzegovina and former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia continue to fail in this endeavour, more than one and a half years after the transposition deadline set by the Ministerial Council.

Director of the Energy Community Secretariat, Mr Janez Kopač, said: “I am extremely delighted that six of the eight Contracting Parties have transposed the Third Energy Package, although Ukraine still has to do so in the electricity sector. This confirms their place in the Energy Union and puts them on par with EU Member States. The next step is to ensure effective and efficient implementation. For example, Third Energy Package Network Codes now need to be adopted in the Energy Community Contracting Parties and applied on the interconnection points on the interface between EU Member States and the Energy Community Contracting Parties. This will ensure equal treatment and thus remove one of the biggest obstacles to pan-European energy market integration.”

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