Laboratories for illegal production of precursors and synthetic drugs discovered during a joint investigation supported by SELEC


On 30 November 2017, the competent authorities from The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Serbia dismantled an international organized crime group involved in the productiontrade and transport of synthetic drugs, as well as illegal trafficking in precursors, with final destination Republic and Turkey and probably Middle East. The exchange of information in this case was done through SELEC channel, which also supported several operational meetings between the involved case officers.

During the searches that were carried out in Tetovo/The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the Police found a laboratory with sophisticated equipment for illicit production of synthetic drugs, a large quantity of pills and other raw materials, as well as a gun, two pistols and ammunition being seized.The following day, the Police performed two additional searches in the area of Skopje during which other equipment (machines) was found, as well as 64 pills98 bags with powder substance, one pistol and ammunition.

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Source: SELEC

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