True stability needs media freedom


I do not know whether it will be possible, one day, for all countries of the region to formally become part of the European Union exclusively owing to the pragmatic readiness to preserve regional stability, but it is quite certain that this will not truly happen without a sincere, not only verbal, embracing of European standards, and unless the field of media freedoms in them is expanded.

Only a sincere adoption of European standards – and that includes media freedoms as well – can guarantee true stability, and only in such circumstances can stability rest on the unquestionable will of the citizens. This is why I believe that this gathering (the Civil Society Forum in Trieste, e.d.) should jointly urge all European institutions and all EU member states to employ the same energy they do to bring various regional political leaders together to negotiate, upon upholding media freedoms as well.

It is true that demands pertaining to media freedoms are regularly mentioned at most meetings with regional political leaders, but it is also true that these same individuals, once they return to their offices, continue to treat the media which are not under their direct control as they usually do – by bearing pressure upon them and trying to exhaust them financially, so as to make sure that the public gets the message they want them to receive.

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Source: OBC Transeuropa

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